85% of African American kids can't read or write.

Yes... 85%

Ai and the future belong to those who can read and write.

Don't let our childern be left behind. The future depends on it.

- Act Now.


Imagine a future where every Black American child can read and write. Yet, 85% of our young learners are being left behind. These children are our future leaders. Without literacy, they face a lifetime of limitations. We can change this. We must change this.
By supporting Literacy Lift-Off: The 1000 School Initiative, you help bridge the gap and empower our learners. Your donation fuels their success, giving them the tools they need to thrive in a digital world.

Dream TEAMS is a STEAM program that revolutionizes learning for K-12 students by integrating their passions—like video games, music, and sports—into education. With a 95% engagement rate and 75% of students advancing in math and reading, DREAM TEAMS turns fear of failure into opportunities for success. Enroll now and transform education through passion-driven learning.

Learn from Dream TEAMS in school, after school, at home,
community centers or groups.

  • STEM/STEAM/STREAM Integration :
    • Comprehensive curricula encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Reading.
    • Encourages a holistic approach to education, blending creative arts with traditional STEM disciplines for a balanced skill set.
  • Grade-Specific Curricula:
    • Ensures alignment with developmental milestones and learning objectives specific to each student group.
    • Tailored content that is age-appropriate and challenging for each grade level.
  • Learner-centered Approach:
    • Standards-aligned curricula that meets educational benchmarks and integrates
      effectively with existing academic requirements
    • Story-based curricula that features characters which resonate with learners, enhancing engagement.
    • Our bilingual curriculum supports dual-language learning, enhancing accessibility and cultural inclusivity for diverse student populations.
  • Online Digital Portal:
    • Access to a comprehensive online platform for all classroom activities.
    • Integrated tools for grading and distributing educational materials efficiently.
    • Enables a seamless digital experience for both teaching and learning. 
  • Professional Development:
    • Includes professional development hours for teachers.
    • Focuses on enhancing teaching skills and deepening STEM content knowledge.
    • Provides strategies for effective implementation of student-centered and problem-based learning.
  • Year-Round tech Support:
    • Continuous support available throughout the academic year.
    • Assistance with curriculum integration, troubleshooting, and optimization of teaching practices.
    • Dedicated helpdesk for real-time problem resolution and guidance.

Bring Dream TEAMS
to your community!

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