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Success Stories



Twenty-five years ago, Steve met Bert Cambridge. Bert was in 8th grade. Steve first saw Bert drawing masterfully in chalk on a sidewalk in Queens, NY. Steve got to know family members and soon convinced Bert to augment his traditional skills with computer skills. The chance meeting began a 25-year mentorship that continues as a professional friendship to this day. The best part, seen here in a taped interview for a middle school, is that Bert continues to pass along the HEPH ED way of inspiring through action, teamwork, and productivity doing what you love.

21-Century SKILLS LAB

Our QUANTUM LEAP program started with interviews and research with young people in Chicago’s South and West Side and parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn. This film captures some of our initial analysis as well as an onsite engagement with traumatized communities. The class depicted here took place at Precious Blood, a Ministry of Reconciliation. We have a solid history of guiding students to life-altering careers and were energized by the response we got from these learners. They loved the program and wanted more. Their only concern was that it was too good to be true and that we would disappear. Let’s go to work!

HEPH ED Overview

HEPH ED is an innovative, learner-centered, project-based STEM/STEAM learning platform. 

Our vision is to create millions of responsible mission-driven citizens who are prepared for the Future of Work. Our mission is to get immersive, mind-set-altering STEM & STEAM programs into the hands of disenfranchised learners grades K-12 at home, at school, and in community pop-ups.