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Partners and alliances

Steve Conner and INCREDICAMP team creates Immunology video game for NIH

National Institutes of Health

HEPH ED INCREDICAMP  along with Loyola University’s Professor Makio Iwashima PHD, recently secured a $150,000 grant from the National Institute of Health to develop a pilot video game, which pits players against cancer cells in the body. the game will help middle and high school students learn the basics of immunology.

The game is the first module of INCREDICAMP BIOTECH gaming platform.  Future modules are in planning stages with UIC Professor Cristian Luciano, PHD. This module will focus on robotic surgery.


Oak Park School Districts

HEPH FOUNDATION has worked with Oak Park School District k -12 since 2015.  The working relationship revolves around the students and is in partnership with the community, teachers, department heads and superintendents. The good works are based on HEPH FOUNDATIONS innovative approach to education. Executions include a powerful new way of teaching summer school, in-school adventure activities and scaffolding between the schools.

Each element of the partnership purposefully delivers holistic support to students who otherwise might get lost in “the system”.  What’s important about the approach is it integrates rather than alienates all students.

Jennifer Francis
Program Coordinator


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