Dream T.E.A.M.S. NEWS!

Winner of the
2024 Red Cross Heroes award
for education.

Oak Park, Illinois — The HEPH Foundation, founded by Steve and Sheila Conner, proudly announces its receipt of the Red Cross Heroes Award for Education. This award, recognizes the Foundation’s exceptional contribution to enriching STEM/STEAM education for disengaged learners through its
engaging, standards-aligned, problem-based curriculum.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from the Red Cross,” stated Steve Conner. “It affirms our commitment to transforming educational experiences for students most in need and underscores the power of our comprehensive, engaging educational methods.”

Sheila Conner added, “This award is a tremendous encouragement. It strengthens our dedication to our mission of preparing all students for successful futures, armed with essential skills and a passion for
lifelong learning.”

The HEPH Foundation remains dedicated to broadening its reach and continuing to promote inclusive, innovative educational practices.
For further information about the HEPH Foundation and its initiatives, please visit Hephfoundation.org.