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A note on film quality:  The films below capture the flow of our classes. The footage was meant for internal review, so it’s sometimes a bit chaotic, misframed, or has lousy sound. Filming was often done with iPhones held to our sides so that participants were not aware of our filming. That being said, please forgive some of the filmmaking. The important thing is how engaged the learners are:)!

A note on play back: Please note that some of the playback of videos might be hitchy.  It’s because they are large and require time to load.  Additionally, for security purposes we are hosting the videos on our internal servers and well… we’re not youtube or Amazon, so we don’t have the streaming technology that you might be used to. Please be patient. 

A note on time frame: HEPH ED programs take place over 2 to 13 weeks, 2 hours a day.  In order to capture the progression of events we sometimes jump ahead in the edit. We’ve included title cards in the films to help bring clarity and meaning, We’ve also added brief descriptions below the film thumbnail images. Feel free to pause the film to read the cards if the edit is moving too quickly. Lastly, to give you a real feeling for how our programs work, we’ve included a few long sequences in the last video section entitled – day in the life. The length of each clip is in the lower left hand corner.  These may feel tedious – but this is the work.

A note on disclosure: This material is highly confidential and is for internal review only.  Please do not copy or share in any way.  Thank you for your understanding!

HEPH ED Overview

HEPH ED is an innovative, learner-centered, project-based STEM/STEAM learning platform. 

Our vision is to create millions of responsible mission-driven citizens who are prepared for the Future of Work. Our mission is to get immersive, mind-set-altering STEM & STEAM programs into the hands of disenfranchised learners grades K-12 at home, at school, and in community pop-ups.


HEPH ED programming is highly immersive because of the way we integrate learning excursions. Most are live and in person and some are done by remote. In any event we take cues from our learners and then host story-driven adventures in specialized work spaces and environments. Below are a few examples from various curriculums.


The Thatcher Woods exploration is part of the AUTOROBO middle school curriculum.  Students hunt to find clues and activity kits. The students work in teams that use maps, geo-locators to find their way.  Part of the program features students getting “lost” where they can investigate and report what they’ve found. there are even helpful park rangers to aid in the exploration. 


We have a string relationship with UIC society of engineers. One of our first classes included spending time with UIC society of engineers. They are noted for building miniature formula one race cars and Baja dune buggies. This film captures one of many visits as well as a welding session. We have plans to return with larger classes after COVID.


We hold Artsplosion at Oak Park Art League. Typically we occupy the second floor and have traditional and digital art shows at the end of each session. This film chronicles a year of exciting experiences. We accessed the YES fund at the Oak Park Community Foundation to assist some of our hometown homeless learners.

flashpoint GAME LAB

Building a video game is a blend of artistry and technology. Our classes travels to many different specialized spaces to work with seasoned professionals and near-peer experts. One of our favorite stops is Flashpoint academy in downtown Chicago. This film shows a session with a talented stunt actor. The students captured the movement and then applied it to characters in a game.


The future of medicine is right in our backyard. Dr. Macio Iwashima opens his lab to HEPH ED learners. The learners get a virtual tour and get to practice some of the techniques they learned in the safety their homes and at school. We are also developing a video game that teaches immunology to middle and high schoolers. Students are involved with some of the development offering their expert idea about gaming.


Sometimes we bring the class to the students! This film captures some of our initial research as well an onsite engagement with traumatized communities. The class depicted took place at Precious Blood a Ministry of Reconciliation that practices restorative justice and peace circles. We are anxious to return to these engagements after the COVID all clear. We have a solid history of guiding students to life-altering careers.


HEPH ED started in high schools and by popular demand are now working in middle and grade schools. It’s always a good time, as learners and most teachers are excited to break from routine. It’s kind of like a project-based circus coming to town. Classes last from 3 weeks to 13 week engagements. We push for longer engagemnents. The reason being, with longer time we can achieve new learning mindsets for the learners, teachers and school staff. To follow are a few examples of takeovers from various curriculums.

SParks - Flight lab

Drones, quadcopters, unmanned flight, personal flying vehicles, these technologies figure strongly into the future of work. Our classes with OP&RF are a combination of flight school, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, design, and measurement.


Just before COVID Steve introduced two classes to digital/virtual design and branding. The classes spilled over into the school’s maker space with 3D printing and marketing design classes. This was a perfect cross-discipline effort. In the future, we plan on introducing history and entrepreneurialism into the mix! The students loved it.

gauntlet - middle school math

Teamwork and speed is the key to the gauntlet. This film captures some of the many activities that the students master and measure. For middle schoolers, we wanted to make sure they were in charge. The rooms and the field were set at all times and the students got to choose whatever they wanted. It was our chaos and curiosity.

gauntlet - HIGH school math

What if you could step right into a real-life video game. That’s what the high school version of the gauntlet is. This film captures some of the exciting activities that transform an ordinary school into an extraordinary learning experience. The teams apply their skills to the school hallways, then to the football field for a game of moon ball game, and then back to the classroom with fresh data that they spin into a leaderboard. Fun and unforgettable learning!

AUTOROBO - Middle School engineering/ reading

This class is a mystery wrapped in an adventure. Students literally asked for more summer school after this outing. Imagine a group of messengers from another planet coming to visit you at school. Then imagine they ask you to find a missing colleague with tools that are scattered across your community. Break out your magnifying glass, the geolocator on your phone, and your best engineering and design skills to save the day.

AUTOROBO - Speer acadamy

This film catches up with HEPH at Speer Academy, an engineering school on the west side of Chicago. We spoke of creating a robotic concierge with students in a 4 week class. Some weeks after our first meeting we borough back our solution – our version of R2 D2. We call him Sam. Post COVID we will resume talks and plan something incredible.

day in the life

HEPH ED programs last from 2 to 13 weeks and between 45 minutes to 4 hr a day.  It’s a bit difficult to feel the power of the experience in small clips. Below are a series of raw films that play minute by minute.  This class, CAMPING IN, took place at the end of the summer of 2020.  COVID was in full swing.  We used to zoom, and each student participated from home. What’s important to note is – we’ve used zoom-like technology for over 3 years to ensure that every learner, no matter where they lived, would have access to quality classes. That being said, our programs run smoothly, live or remote.  Learning is engaging and memorable.  

camping in - 1

This clip chronicles Day two of CAMPIN IN! Learners meet their mentor and are magically given tools to complete their journey. 

camping in - 2

This clip shows how the team works easily and playfully together as they construct a wind power kit.

camping in - 3

In this clip, the team is working with each other to build solar-powered cars.  They share, laugh, explore and even take the occasional detour.  


The efforts on this page represent the tireless work of dedicated HEPH ED staff and well-wishers.  


To be a teacher in the right sense is to be a learner. I am not a teacher, only a fellow student.

  • Soren Kierkegaard